Orbahn Diskak is a music label founded by the non-profit association Orban Kultur Elkartea. The main goal is to publish high fidelity vinyl records at an affordable price with respect and approval from the original artists.

Orbahn, a fusion of two words: “orban” (dirt) in basque and “bahn” (road) in german; has been created to provide a quality, analogic, touchable experiences, hopefully leaving trace of joy in our listeners

The selection of the different works, as the name suggests comes from mixture: Beginning from tradition, but seeking vanguard as the final purpose. Orbahn Diskak’s desire resides in modern sounds coming from the local folklore, publishing brand new works or discovering old albums that stay fresh and meaningful

25th anniversary re-issue of Epïlogo from Parafünk

Epïlogo is a cult album for the preceding generations, a rooted soundtrack int he jazz-funk scene and unclassified jewel still unknow for the mass public.

The album conceived in a maximum creativity moment of thir members, a super-band involved in that moment on several different significant projects that enrichened a visionary and by all means original  album. 

This Deluxe edition in double LP and gatefold has been produced in vinyl format thanks to the kind collaboration of all original artists